My name is Romain Brabant, I am a 32 year old entrepreneur, originally from Paris but now enjoying the very agreeable climate of the Bahamas. I have been living here since 2008 although I still spend much of my time travelling.

My passion for watches began when I was just a teenager and I was given a Festina as a birthday present. I know that there are those that disdain the brand but I loved my watch nonetheless. Unfortunately someone else coveted it and it was stolen whilst I was on a train. For a while this experience dampened my enthusiasm for watches but then when I was 23 I met a good friend who had worked with me in the Cellphone Industry and our conversation quickly focused on watches and in particular the Dior Chiffre Rouge. I was hooked and simply had to own one. It was what I now consider to be my first collectible automatic watch. I have it still and it retains a special place in my heart.

The Chiffre Rouge was followed by a Rolex Steel Datejust and after that came another Rolex, this time a Daydate Platinum President. This watch proved something of a revelation for me. I acquired it at a knockdown price so that when I came some years later to sell it I was able to realize a very satisfying 30% profit. It made me realize that it was possible to combine business with pleasure, and that by careful selection watches could form not merely a valuable asset but an important element of my investment portfolio. As an entrepreneur what more motivation did I need? My passion for watches could be married to my business ventures.

Until 2012 however I was focused on various other successful business projects. But always in the background was my love of watches and now at last I am able to utilize my experience and work on a new undertaking; a true labour of love. It will be something new and I hope to launch it in February this year. Until then however DreamChrono is no more than a blog.

Today my collection of watches totals at least 18 and is still rising but you will have to wait for more details until the launch of the website. For now, my watch blog is building steadily day by day. I have been fortunate to attract a first class team of watch journalists to inform and entertain me and I hope you. I hope you like what you have seen so far for the best is yet to come.


Amr Sindi


Amr Sindi began his passion for watches from the tender age of 5 when he received a Flik Flak from his grandparents. After graduating from college with too much time on his hands (no pun intended), Amr joined where he furthered his knowledge on the art and science of watchmaking. Soon after, Amr become a moderator of's Official Hublot forum; a role he continues today. After taking his passion a step further and working full-time for Hublot, Amr decided to set out on his own horological adventure and thus The Horophile was born. You can find Amr's work on his personal blog, as well as and

Matthew Boston


Matthew Boston has worked in the computer graphics industry for 17 years in various parts of the world, currently residing back home in the UK. His interest in watches was first piqued as a youngster when he was fascinated by a Seiko digital watch he received. He's also founder of UniqueWatchGuide which is dedicated to sharing the news about timepieces that are unusual, unconventional and more often than not unobtainable.

Robert-Jan Broer


Robert-Jan Broer has a weak spot for (relatively) affordable mechanical timepieces, but also has a lot of appreciation for high-end watchmaking or 'haute horlogerie'. Robert-Jan is running Fratellowatches for 10 years and is writing for several other on-line and print publications he is definitely considered to be a subject matter expert by many. He sold his car to be able to purchase his first mechanical serious timepiece in the late 1990s, being a student he could only afford to have one of the two.

Angus Davies


Angus Davies is a self-confessed horological addict. It was this passion for watch collecting which led to the launch of his own website, ESCAPEMENT, in 2011. He now regularly writes articles for other websites and magazines both in his native UK, mainland Europe and the US. These include printed titles such as Great Golf Magazine, iW Magazine, Deluxe Swiss Made.

Łukasz Doskocz


Łukasz started his journey into watches in 2007. First as a passionate admirer, then as the co-founder and Editor in chief of the - the biggest on-line watch portal in Poland, dedicated entirely to fine, mechanical timepieces. Watches have become his biggest passion, hobby, a way of life (along with some other non-related things). He also writes for Watch-Anish and some smaller publications in Poland. His speciality are the independent, extraordinary watchmaking creations that go way beyond the traditional understanding of a mechanical watch.

Chris Foerster


Chris Foerster is a watch enthusiast who enjoys historical timepieces. Working at one of the world’s top pre-owned watch retailers has allowed him to get some hands on time with some fascinating wristwatches. He is particularly passionate about all things horological that relate to Rolex watches.

Frank Geelen


Frank Geelen is an expert on Haute Horlogerie and his horological heart beats faster from beautiful hand-finished mechanical movements. He loves to explain all technical details of complications like tourbillons, minute repeaters, constant force escapements and column-wheel chronographs and he has been doing that for more than seven years. Besides publishing daily at Monochrome Watches, Frank also writes for other publications, both online and offline.

Dave Kaiten


Dave is first and foremost a geek, a slightly mal-adjusted individual who has a penchant for all things over-engineered. First found his fascination of watches from his grandfather's timepieces. A writer for numerous publications including Beckertime, TimeKeeperForum, Eadness, specialising in horology, luxury, lifestyle and accessories. He can be found online under his Twitter and Instagram handle @DaveKaiten, sharing all sorts of weird and wonderful pictures of watches and food.

Patrick Kansa


A database and analytics/BI developer by day with a penchant for wrist watches, technology, and books. When not consumed with those, you'll find him cooking and spending time with his family. You can find Patrick's work on aBlogtoWatch, WristWatchReview, WristReview, EngagedMarriage and DreamChrono.

Ken Kessler


Ken Kessler has been involved with watches for over 35 years, initially as a collector, then as a dealer in vintage pieces. He has been writing about watches since the mid-1990s, his articles having appeared in Wall Street Journal, GQ, Men’s Health, Top Gear, Esquire, Financial Times, FT How To Spend It, The Telegraph, The Times, QP, International Wristwatch (USA), Status (USA), Hour Glass (Australia), Playboy, Brummell, City AM, Your London, Spear’s, Motorsport, Mail On Sunday and many other titles. Also a renowned expert in high-end audio, Ken is the author and co-author of four hi-fi histories. His weaknesses include chronographs, military watches and diving watches, while other pursuits include music, literature and wine.

Jovan Krstevski


Watch collector, aficionado and an Event profile in the Swedish nightlife. He launched Watchgeek back in 2011, which is now known as WristReview. He quotes ’WristReview is a site to help people find, explore, discover and enjoy wristwatches.’ His passion "jump" started in his early teens, when he was given his first mid-range wristwatch which was an Omega Seamaster. Since then he has always been in love with wristwatches! Besides WristReview, he also writes for a number of publications. PS: He is also a huge fan of The Man of Steel/Superman.

James Lamdin


James Lamdin is the Founder of AnalogShift, an online boutique for a curated selection of exceptional vintage wristwatches. He also does freelance writing for a number of publications including ABlogToWatch, ProfessionalWatches, UrbanDaddy, Essential Style For Men, Cool Hunting, JustLuxe, and International Watch Magazine. He is based in New York City, and has a strong affection for slow cars and old Scotch.

Tracey Llewellyn


Coming from an engineering background, Tracey has been a journalist for more than 15 years covering the arts, design, architecture and, more recently, watches. Deputy editor of specialist horology title QP, she has also written for The Times, Wall Street Journal, Brummel, Chrono, Calibre and many other international titles. Tracey also contributed a section on dial enamelling to the 2012 book Q Watches.

Johnny McElherron


Johnny McElherron was busy minding his own business as a successful company director, when one day he fell in love with watches. So deeply that soon after his eureka! moment he established The Watch Press as a vehicle where he could indulge his passion with gusto. What his eye beheld he would write about, in his own unique style, and in time his work penetrated through to numerous national and international mainstream and online publications. Today Johnny creates engaging content for watch industry clients, and in 2014 joined forces with the highly respected watch industry specialists Delos Communications, with whom he works to provide Delos clients with high quality content to ensure no part of their company message gets lost in translation.

Nick Meijer


Nick Meijer is a long-term watch aficionado with a special interest in the high-end market of mechanical wristwatches. His admiration led to the start of his own blog, WristWatchworld, publications on other blogs and a growing number of followers on twitter @wristwatchworld. Nick has a keen interest in independent watchmakers.

Olivier Müller


Olivier Müller is a professional journalist specialising in horology. He divides his time between Geneva and Paris, covering horology-related topics for a dozen or so magazines and specialist websites in Europe. He is also a regular speaker at various events. In 2008, Olivier Müller set up Delos Communications to manage the writing side of his business, spanning five European countries. Delos Communications also provides consultancy services for horological communication, helping brands as they define and implement their strategy in terms of positioning, messages and audience. In addition to the world’s two largest watchmaking groups, Delos Communications’ clients include a broad range of emerging independent brands, as well as public-sector bodies keen to promote their local watchmaking heritage. Five people work for the agency, including a journalist, a photographer, a community manager and a translator, all with expertise in the world of watchmaking.

Tom Mulraney


Tom Mulraney is the CEO and Editor of The Watch Lounge, an online magazine dedicated to luxury watch lovers that he founded in 2009. Although passionate about all things horological, he is particularly fascinated by independent watchmakers, often travelling the globe for a chance to spend some “hands-on” time with their breathtaking creations.

Mykhailo Malyi

Mykhailo Malyi is the founder of Chronograph, a watch video blog dedicated to well-known watch brands and luxury ones. In Chronograph Mykhailo is trying to show things from unusual point of view, not describing features, but telling exciting stories of watches and their manufacturers. His passion to watches started after he accidentally met Rolf Schneider - the CEO of Ulysse Nardin. Since then Mykhailo has spent a lot of time exploring the watches worlds and shedding light on it with his journalistic works and blogs.

Nancy Olson


Nancy Olson been in the publishing industry for over 20 years and has written extensively about watches, jewelry, writing instruments and other luxury products. She has visited many of the world’s most prestigious timepiece manufacturers, and particularly enjoys interviewing artists, designers and corporate executives. Nancy has written for various luxury publications and presently serves as Managing Editor of International Watch (iW) magazine.

Eduard Osipov


Eduard Osipov is a watch enthusiast and a hardcore fan of independent watchmakers. He has ended up writing about watches and shooting them as a result of his love for the industry and appreciation for watchmaking, which he wants to spread among other people discovering the world of haute horlogerie. You can find his works on as well his Instagram channel @MrWatchguide and the upcoming Russian version of the Haute Time magazine.

Roberta Naas


Roberta Naas, founder of, is a 30-year veteran journalist in the watch world. She has authored five books on time and watches, and writes for dozens of top consumer newspapers, magazines and websites around the world. Her authoritative insight and behind-the-scenes access to all things watches makes her a regular must read. Her story can be found on Wikipedia

Kyle Stults


Kyle Stults is the Founder and Executive Editor of, featuring the latest and greatest luxury and avant-garde timepieces from the world's leading watchmakers. Kyle’s candid and insightful writing style has earned him the respect of watch collectors and enthusiasts around the world and made him a trusted influencer in the high-end watch segment.

Su Jia Xian (SJX)


Su Jia Xian, or SJX as he is better known, is a long time watch journalist and collector based in Singapore. His interest in horology began 17 years ago and since then he has become a widely published journalist, most notably for magazines and newspapers across Asia. SJX also regularly shares his thoughts and watch photography on Watches by SJX. He also consults for financial institutions and other corporations on the watch industry.

Michael Weare


Michael Weare hails from an international advertising agency background where he handled several well known and highly desirable watch brands; handled, but sadly never got to keep. However it's this exposure that gave him a lasting fascination for watches. Michael was Editor of Click Tempus for over 2.5 years and is now in the same role at Watchuseek, the web's largest watch forum.

Chris Wheaton


Chris Wheaton is a professional hockey player from Canada who played throughout North America for eight years.  He and his wife moved to The Bahamas in 2005 to start a family and are now the proud parents of two amazing boys.  Chris has always had a passion for wristwatches and started his own company called Bahamas Watch Exchange where he buys, sells and trades new and used luxury watches locally and internationally.